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TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC specializes in a variety of mental and behavioral, and health services.  We also offer an outstanding professional development program.


Services offered include:



At TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC you can be assured:

  • All of our services begin with an intake assessment, in which a clinician gathers information from the client and family to get a better understanding of treatment needs. Through the interview, information will be gathered about present problems and symptoms; developmental and medical issues, including current medications; parent and family health and psychiatric histories; drug and alcohol; school/work and friends; and family relationships. 

  • The second step in our therapeutic services is the development of a treatment plan. The plan combines psychological and social parts of the problem with developmental needs, history, and strengths of the child, adolescent and family.


  • Our services are individually-tailored, and promote use of a client’s strengths and natural supports in treatment.


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Psychiatric Services

TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC offers psychiatric services for children and adults.


  • The initial meeting with the psychiatrist involves the psychiatric evaluation.  The psychiatrist will interview the patient, and if the patient is a child or adolescent, will also interview the parents/guardians.  Through the interview, the psychiatrist will gather information and determine the nature and extent of a mental disorder, diagnoses, and produce a psychiatric evaluation report. 


  • The psychiatrist then develops a formulation.  The formulation describes the patient's problems and explains them in terms that the patient can understand.  The formulation combines biological, psychological and social parts of the problem with developmental needs, history and strengths of the patient and family.   From the formulation, a treatment program is developed.


  • The psychiatrist treats or directs treatment of the patient, utilizing a variety of psychotherapeutic methods and medications.


  • The psychiatrist may also order laboratory and other special diagnostic tests and evaluate data obtained.


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Therapy Services

TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC offers a variety of individually tailored therapies, including individual, couples, family and group therapy.


Specific areas of focus include:

  • Coping/Conflict Resolution

  • Social Skills Building

  • Positive Parenting Strategies

  • Childhood Behavioral Problems

  • Adolescence

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Disruptive Behavior Disorders

  • Childhood Mood Disorders

  • Borderline Personality

  • Bullying/Violence

  • Trauma/Abuse Issues

  • Sexuality Issues

  • Domestic Violence



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Community Based Outpatient Programs (CBOP)

TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC has partnered with area schools and community organizations in providing therapeutic services in settings that are easily accessed by children, teens, and their families. These include individual and group therapies as well as nontraditional therapeutic approaches and support programs. These programs target building resiliency and support networks, promoting effective coping, and providing healthy alternatives to violence, substance use, and delinquency. Bilingual services provided.



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Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

There are a number of children and adolescents who are isolated from traditional clinic-or office-based services, whether due to geographic location, socioeconomic factors, and/or transportation concerns. Often parents are unable or unwilling to bring the child or adolescent to a mental health center. Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services fill a service gap by having the capacity to serve individuals in their natural environment, including home, school, and community settings.


Furthermore, the level of intensity of symptoms in some children precludes treatment in a clinic setting alone and direct interventions are needed in order to allow that client to remain in the home, thus providing the least restrictive intervention.


Services are delivered based on a Treatment Plan that is individualized, based on the needs of the child, and sensitive to the culture, environmental, familial and socioeconomic constraints. The treatment plan will be strengths-based, and reflective of identified need in various life domains.



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Family Based Mental Health Services

TEAMCare Behavioral Health, LLC provides comprehensive family services in thhe home, school, and community, incorporating intensive home therapy, casework services, family support services, and 24 hour, 7 day availability for crisis stabilization. Emphasis is on the clinical delivery of family systems therapy and connecting families with natural supports to bolster treatment outcomes. We currently offer this service to English and Spanish speaking families.


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