Mental Well-Being of Youth

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Reflecting on the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Parent: Helping my Child Cope With Anxiety About Online School

A year ago, my daughter was in kindergarten, and we were enjoying a busy routine of swim classes at the YMCA two evenings each weeknight and dance classes for ballet, tap, and hip-hop on Saturday mornings. She was involved in after-school clubs like roller skating and soccer. Mostly, we were social. Life was busy, and it was fun. We had hectic routines and lived by the work hard, play hard mentality. READ MORE

Misunderstood Symptoms: Signs of Depression in Children

Children are naturally moody. Their developing minds and bodies can shift from happy to furious in a moment. So it can be difficult for parents to spot unusual or problematic behaviors, such as depression. READ MORE

Suicide Prevention and Resources in Lancaster County

Suicide affects millions of people in the United States every year. There were 1.4 million recorded suicide attempts in 2018 alone, many the result of untreated depression. Suicide also causes emotional devastation and triggers depression for the loved ones left behind who may be crushed by regret, guilt, and unspeakable grief. READ MORE